Delivery Info


Delivery Information

T&D's customer service policy allows you to schedule your sales date when it is convenient to you.   
While we must work on a first come-first serve basis, we try our best to meet your schedule.

T&D will provide for your use (with sales of $5000.00 or more), a refrigerated trailer for meat storage.
This ensures freshness and helps you monitor the product until delivery. 

(These are provided on a first scheduled basis.) 

For Freezer Trailer usage . . .
1. You must meet the $5000 sales total.

2. Contact T&D to set up your sales date and schedule trailer usage. Schedules are based on the order
of your calls.

3. You will be required to pick up your loaded trailer in Okemah (at our office) and return the trailer to Okemah
on or before the pre-determined return-by date.