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Check out the many reasons our competitors can't compare!

  • T&D ships high quality products in refrigerated trucks to ensure that you get your product in excellent condition and still frozen.  This allows you a little more time to distribute to your organization members for delivery.  Please remember you are dealing with a perishable product.   Product should be kept frozen until delivered to your consumer.

  • T&D's customer service policy allows you to schedule your sales date when it is convenient to you.  While we must work on a first come-first serve basis, we try our best to meet YOUR  schedule.

  • T&D sponsors swine, lamb, and goat jackpots  open only to T&D schools. 

  • T&D sponsors Greenhand Quiz and Opening Ceremonies contests and a Welding Rodeo open only to T&D schools.  See our Contests link for more information. 

  • T&D offers an unconditional guarantee. If your customer complains, you can replace the product or refund their money.  We have had very few complaints.    Most of your customers will call to request more of the product or to compliment the quality.

  • T&D supports your organization on the local level. We believe this helps you accomplish your goals, and the benefits are given to the organizations who actually sell our products.

  • T&D offers a top sales jacket as an incentive to your students.  This incentive is available to any organization selling $1,500 or more (T&D invoice) or to any organization for a first time sale.

  • T&D sponsors and/or supports local scholarship programs. This incentive is available to any organization selling $5,000 or more (T&D invoice). The amount of the scholarship is based on the amount of your sale total! The more you sell, the bigger the scholarship!

  • T&D provides a special recognition award (trophy, plaque, banner, etc.) suitable for hanging in a classroom or meeting area to the organization with the largest sale each year. 

  • T&D holds a $1000 Sweepstakes Award competition each year.  The organization with the most points will receive $1000.  Points can be earned through meat sales, livestock shows, welding rodeo, and contests.  See our Sweepstakes link for more information.