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Sheep Jackpot

Grand lamb
Jera Brown
Smithville FFA

r grand lamb
Taylor McGill
Tuttle FFA
Another Lamb jackpot has come and gone!  2020 has been a year to remember. 
With Covid we weren’t sure what to expect.  We had part of our T&D Family out because
of Covid but many stepped up to help make things move forward.  Thank you Eufaula FFA
for the facilities and the help.  Also thanks to Darrell Blackman, Bradley Womack, and
Virginia Prichard.  To our crew we offer a special thanks for your hard work. 
Dan and I were able to sit at home and eat bon-bons all day.  (Dan was a nervous wreck
and tried really hard not to call too often.) A HUGE thank you to our judge, John Romero.  We appreciate everyone who helped and attended with and/or without animals.  


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Congatulations to all of our exhibitors. 
In today’s world we feel so privileged
to interact with such exceptional
young people and their families. 
 We are never disappointed with our exhibitors or the audience.