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          Each year T&D sponsors Greenhand competitions for our FFA Chapter customers.  The contests are open to any chapter selling our products during the school year.  Competitions include both Greenhand Quiz and Jr. Opening Ceremonies.  This is a great way to help prepare teams for the Area and State competitions.  It also gives an opportunity to earn extra points for the Sweepstakes award.  We hope to see you at the next event.


2019 Contests – October 10, Gordon Cooper, 4:00 pm Check-in


Congratulation to these 2018 Winners

 2019 1st individual

Top Individual
Greenhand Quiz Contest

2019 parli pro

1st place – Afton FFA
Jr Parlimentary Procedure

2019 Top five quiz individuals
Top Five Individuals
Greenhand Quiz Team

2019 2nd place parli pro
2nd place – Tuttle FFA
Jr Parlimentary Procedure